headshotI’m a doctoral student in Human Centered Computing at Georgia Tech. I work in the Social Dynamics and Well Being lab and am advised by Munmun De Choudhury. My research focuses on deviant mental wellness online communities, specifically creating computational methods to assess their health and well-being. My community of interest at the moment is pro-eating disorder, a group that believes eating disorders are an acceptable alternative lifestyle rather than a dangerous mental illness.

Previously, I was at Georgetown University (Masters) and the University of Virginia (wahoo-wa).

In addition to my academic interests, I’m also passionate about debate and oratory (especially high school debate), powerlifting, and cooking.

Contact me: I’m interested in chatting about opportunities in the social computing research space. Please email me at schancellor3 [at] gatech [period] edu to chat.

You can also find me on Twitter (better) and LinkedIn.


2/7/2017: I’m excited that I’ll be spending summer in Seattle for an internship at Microsoft Research with Scott Counts. Looking forward to the PNW weather (in summer, of course).

12/20/2016: I’m excited that one of my papers was accepted at CHI 2017!  I’ll also be traveling to CSCW 2017 in February.

11/27/2016: I’m honored to be selected as a Foley Scholar Finalist for the GVU Center at Georgia Tech. I was also featured in an article by the College of Computing about powerlifting female PhD students!

5/13/2016: I presented two of my papers at CHI 2016 – a link to them is available on my Publications page. In addition, I’ve accepted a Research Intern position at Yahoo! for the summer.

1/8/2016: Two of my papers about eating disorder communities were accepted to CHI 2016!

In addition, I’m thrilled that both of our papers – “#thyghgapp: Instagram Content Moderation and Lexical Variation in Pro-Eating Disorder Communities” and “Quantifying and Predicting Mental Illness Severity in Online Pro-Eating Disorder Communities” received Honorable Mention awards at CSCW 2016!

10/8/2015: My two first-authored papers were accepted to CSCW 2016! The pre-print versions are available on my Research page. I’m excited to travel to the West Coast in February.